The decentralized payment landscape has been plagued by various challenges, deterring mainstream adoption. Complex wallet addresses, varying from one blockchain to another, have hindered the seamless transfer of assets and led to user confusion. Additionally, cross-chain transactions have been difficult, risky, and required users to navigate unfamiliar processes.

Addressing this, Fetcch's Identity Layer introduces the concept of Universal Transactional Identities (UTI). This system consolidates diverse blockchain addresses into a unified format, denoted as username@wallet. With UTIs, a user might have a singular identity such as "deep@gnosis" or "mandar@metamask", facilitating consistent interactions across various blockchains.

This UTI framework doesn't merely simplify the user experience but is underpinned by robust technical architecture, optimizing decentralized transactions and setting a new standard in interoperable digital identities.

Chains Supported

Fetcch's indentity layer is catered to a wide range of blockchains including major EVM Chains, Solana, Aptos, SUI, Fuel, Near, and several others.

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