EIP-6492 Compatible Signatures

Fetcch supports EIP-6492 for pre-deployed smart accounts

We now support EIP-6492 for verifying signatures of pre-deployed smart accounts, as a dev, you have to generate a signature that is EIP-6492 compliant, which will be sent as a normal signature to APIs

Below are the steps to make your normal signature EIP-6492 compliant


  1. Sign the message from that pre-deployed smart account's owner EOA

  2. We will need few data along with signature for signature generation

    1. Deploy Calldata - Transaction data for deploying the smart account

    2. Factory Address - Smart account factory contract

    3. Magic Suffix - 6492649264926492649264926492649264926492649264926492649264926492

  3. Use AbiCoder in ethers for encoding all of the data

  4. const signature = coder.encode(['address', 'bytes', 'bytes'], [
    ]) + magicSuffix

  5. Use the generate signature in Fetcch API to authenticate tasks


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