🌊Identity Flow

Fetcch Identity Flow simplifies interactions for both DApps and wallets (providers) and users. For providers, it offers an uncomplicated pathway for setup, issuance, and management, while users experience a user-friendly journey for selection, registration, and utilization. Let's delve into these streamlined components for a clearer understanding.

Provider Workflow

  1. Seamless Registration:

    • Providers with verified wallets/dApps seamlessly onboard onto Fetcch.

    • Upon verification, they are granted a unique, alphanumeric namespace.

  2. Tailored Configuration:

    • Providers customize their namespace configurations, including API keys and owner addresses.

    • They craft a user-friendly frontend interface for efficient identity management.

  3. Empowered Identity Issuance:

    • Providers issue branded identities within their designated namespaces (e.g., username@namespace).

    • This process ensures distinct and recognizable user identities.

  4. Effortless Identity Management:

    • Providers effortlessly manage issued identities through chronologically validated owner signatures.

    • This guarantees the integrity and security of each identity's interactions.

User Workflow

  1. Informed Provider Selection:

    • Users make educated choices by evaluating providers based on reputation, chain compatibility, and rich feature sets.

  2. User-centric Identity Registration:

    • Users request personalized identities from their chosen provider.

    • The provider promptly issues bespoke identities nested under its unique namespace.

  3. Seamless Identity Engagement:

    • Users confidently engage with diverse identities from multiple providers.

    • The distinct namespace prefix simplifies the differentiation of identities, enhancing user experience.

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