🟠What is Fetcch?

Overview of Fetcch

Blockchain technology, with its transformative use cases such as cross-border transactions, Instant settlement, ownership of funds, and many more has redefined our understanding of modern transactions. While its capabilities are vast and groundbreaking, it isn't without its shortcomings. Unlike traditional payment systems that seamlessly integrate both push and pull transaction mechanisms for efficiency and convenience, blockchain grapples with the notable absence of pull payments. In contrast, the absence of pull payments in blockchain hampers users from setting up regular bills, creates hurdles for businesses trying to achieve streamlined transactions, and stalls automated transfers, among many such challenges. Additionally, the decentralized payment landscape is fragmented because of the nature of blockchain infrastructures deterring mainstream adoption. Complex wallet addresses, varying from one blockchain to another, have hindered the seamless transfer of assets and led to user confusion. Such limitations have led some to naively deem blockchain as a failed endeavor. Yet, we firmly believe that blockchain is a technology with a transformative potential, which remains untapped due to these constraints.

What is Fetcch?

Fetcch is a pull payments layer that makes blockchain transactions smoother and more intuitive. By enabling wallets and applications to send chain-agnostic transaction requests directly to the user's endpoint, it brings a touch of the ease and simplicity we're used to with traditional online payments. The benefits of this are numerous. Users get a more streamlined payment experience, similar to the familiar Web2 payment gateways and Point of Sale systems. This not only improves the user experience but also has the potential to boost transaction volumes. Fetcch is designed to integrate seamlessly with various platforms, including payment gateways, wallets, exchanges, e-commerce sites, and crypto banking. In an environment where blockchain often appears intricate, Fetcch simplifies transactions for users.

We're on a mission to simplify transaction UX for end users. To further this vision, Fetcch introduces Universal Transactional Identities. Instead of users having to navigate a labyrinth of multiple addresses, this feature grants them a unified identity, like "deep@gnosis" or "mandar@metamask". This innovation streamlines cross-chain transactions, enhancing the user experience even more.

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