What are the security guarantees for storage

Pull payments are stored on Fetcch network and then to settled to respective blockchains


All of the pull payments are only visible to the concerned parties (sender and receiver), wallets/applications can read the payment request only if they have the permission from the concerned user itself.

We use HMAC based encryption algorithm for encrypting important data with a secret key.

Private pull payments are going to be live on Fetcch network in coming months, this requests will be fulfilled through some kind of a stealth address.

L1 Accepted

There is a slot where data is accepted on L2 but is yet to be settled on an L1, data till then is considered as L2 Accepted and after it is settled on L1 then it is considered as L1 Accepted

If a data is L2 Accepted then there are more chances of it being L1 Accepted than being dropped, it depends on the blockchain that we are settling on, some blockchains take more time than others. Also some blockchains are more costly than others, we have a lot of gas optimizations done for these blockchains to lower the costs

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