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Fetcch API contains various modules, each module has different API route and schema
  • Identity Module
    • Resolve any identity from any DID protocol like .eth, .sol, .apt, @metamask, @kana etc
    • Issue identity in a namespace like @metamask, @kana etc
  • Transaction Request Module
    • Request any type of transaction to any address, or DID
    • Websocket APIs for notifying when a request is created for an address or DID
  • Synchronized Address Book Module
    • Create books for any wallet
    • Share books to different wallet

API Keys

To acquire API Keys, contact @hardik_fetcch on telegram, we will guide you through entire process and make sure you have a delight while building on Fetcch

How to authenticate using API Keys?

Add your API Key as secret-key in headers of every request, and request will be authenticated

Reading Data

All data is user owned and can only be accessed by the user itself by providing a signature.